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GE IS200DTAIH1 Compact input board

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The GE IS200DTAIH1 Compact Input Board is a compact input board used in industrial automation and process control systems. Here are the details and features of the pad:

Product Description:
Model: GE IS200DTAIH1
Type: Compact Input Board
Main functions: Used in industrial automation system to monitor and control various parameters in the production process, such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, etc.

Technical specifications:
Construction: Compact design, the board is mounted on a plastic holder, allowing the PCB to be mounted on the din rail.
Input/output: With ten analog inputs and two analog outputs, the output range can be reconfigured to 0-20mA or 0-200mA current via a jumper.
Connector: Has a single 37-pin connector and a locking fastener (labeled JR1).
Terminal board: Terminal board (TB1) with 48 screw connections, permanently mounted to the circuit board.
Jumper switches: The board has 21 jumper switches (labeled JP1A/ B-JP10A /B(20) plus JP0) for configuring current and voltage.
Cable: The terminal block generally uses shielded twisted pair of #18 AWG wire, screw 43/44 is designated as ground (SCOM) connection.

Application field:
Industrial automation: In industrial automation systems, this input board is an integral part of the precise control of the production process.
Power industry: In electric power generation and distribution systems, it can be used to monitor and control power equipment and electrical parameters, such as generators, transformers, switchgear, etc.
Manufacturing: In the automated production line, the input board can realize the monitoring and control of the production process to ensure the stability and quality of production.
Water and wastewater treatment: In water treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities, the pad can monitor parameters such as water quality and flow.
Smart building: In smart buildings, it is used to monitor the environmental parameters inside the building, such as temperature, humidity, lighting, etc., for energy conservation and comfort enhancement.
Oil and gas industry: Used to monitor and control various equipment and parameters during oil and gas exploration, production and processing to ensure the stability and safety of the production process.

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