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GE DS200TCQAG1BHF control system card

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Product Details:

DS200TCQAG1BHF is a General Electric component created for Mark VI or Mark VIe. These systems were created by General Electric to manage steam and gas turbines. However, the Mark VI does this through central management, using a central control module with a 13 – or 21-slot card holder connected to a terminal board that brings in data from around the system, Mark VIe is implemented through the control nodes (DCS) located throughout the system in accordance with the central management direction. Both systems were created to work with integrated software such as the CIMPLICITY graphics platform.

DS200TCQAG1BHF as a General Electric ISBB bypass module. The part is contained in a rectangular housing with four inputs or outputs. Two of them are placed on the bottom of the unit and two are placed on the top. At the top of the device, there are two female jacks placed side by side.

The DS200TCQAG1BHF board uses an Ethernet connection that uses IRQ 5 initialized by the BIOS function on the motherboard. The Ethernet connection on the ACLE board is a 10baseT or RJ45 jack located on the front panel of the ACL board. As a microprocessor-based control, the board has a Peripheral Component Interconnection (PCI) controller that will manage different inputs and outputs, configuration transfers to and from the PCI bus, and manage various memory functions.

The DS200TCQAG1BHF model also has a 128 KB L2 cache that is used with and controlled by the PCI controller, which is set to 152 NC cache rows that will fill the rows between the L1 and L2 cachs. Another feature of the ACLE board is a flash device, a storage device located on the local bus side of the target interface called Device 1, which can only be accessed in byte mode.

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