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GE 8521-TC-SA Ethernet bus interface module

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GE 8521-TC-SA Ethernet Bus Interface Module

The GE 8521-TC-SA is an Ethernet bus interface module commonly used as part of the GE PAC8000 DSC (Distributed Control System) or other related GE industrial automation systems.
The module provides Ethernet communication interfaces for data exchange and communication within the control system or with external devices and systems.
Main features:
Multi-channel communication: Supports multiple Ethernet channels, providing high bandwidth and low latency data transmission.
High reliability: Designed for industrial environments with a high degree of reliability and stability.
Compatibility: Highly compatible with GE PAC8000 DSC and other GE industrial automation products.
Easy configuration: Provides a friendly configuration interface to facilitate network Settings and parameter configuration.

Technical parameters:
Interface type: Ethernet
Voltage: Different voltage ranges may be supported, such as 120V or 220V (refer to the product manual for specific voltages).
Communication protocols: Support a variety of industrial communication protocols, such as TCP/IP, Modbus, etc.
Board size: approx. 20cm x 30cm (according to information provided in reference article 1).
Weight: about 2.5kg (according to the information provided in reference article 1).
Application field:
It is widely used in industrial automation, manufacturing, energy production, chemical industry and other fields, especially in distributed control systems requiring high-performance network communication.

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