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GE 8115-DO-DC Digital output module

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Brand: GE 
Product Keywords:8115-DO-DC
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Product overview
The GE 8115-DO-DC is a digital output module that provides multiple digital output channels for interacting with external devices and signals. Each channel can be configured and operated independently, making the module widely used in industrial automation control systems.

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Main feature
High reliability: The GE 8106-TI-RT uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure its stable and reliable performance. In industrial environments, it can run stably for a long time to meet a variety of complex control needs.
Multi-channel output: This module provides multiple digital output channels that can simultaneously control multiple external devices or signals. Each channel can be configured and operated independently, providing users with great flexibility.
Fast response: GE 8106-TI-RT has a fast signal output response speed, can quickly respond to external control signals, improve the response performance of the system.
Flexible configuration: The module supports a variety of configuration options. Users can select the number of output channels and output power parity parameters according to actual application requirements to achieve flexible application and customized functions.
Powerful communication capability: GE 8106-TI-RT supports a variety of communication interfaces and protocols, such as Ethernet, Modbus, etc., and can exchange data and communicate with other devices and systems to achieve real-time information sharing and remote control.

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