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GE 760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T motor protection device

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The “GE 760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T” you’ve mentioned seems to be a part number referencing a motor management relay or motor protection relay from GE (General Electric). However, it’s important to note that specific part numbers and designations can vary over time and may not have a direct correlation to a publicly available product description.

Typically, motor management or protection relays provide various functions such as:

  1. Overload Protection: Monitors the current drawn by the motor and trips if it exceeds the rated value for a specified duration.
  2. Phase Loss Protection: Detects loss of one or more phases in the motor supply.
  3. Phase Sequence Protection: Ensures the motor is supplied with the correct phase sequence.
  4. Ground Fault Protection: Detects any ground faults in the motor circuit.
  5. Thermal Modeling: Estimates the motor’s internal temperature and trips if it exceeds safe limits.

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760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T Motor management relay basic unit

The 760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T is a Multilin 489 generator management relay manufactured by GE Multilin. The generator relay has one A-phase CT secondary. The LO control power supply is 20-60 VDC and 20-48 VAC, and the frequency is 48-62 Hz. The analog output on this relay is 4 to 20 mA. The relay has a basic display. The generator management relay does not have a protective conformal coating to protect against chemical environm  ents. If you have any questions about this section, please contact AX Control.

Frequently Asked Questions about 760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T
Part Number 760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T What does LO stand for in GE Multilin 489 generator management relays?
LO stands for low control power in GE Multilin generator management relay Part number 760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T. GE Multilin generator management relays for low control power supply from 20 to 60 V DC; 20 to 48 V AC, 48 to 62 Hz.
760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T How many output relays does GE Multilin generator Management relay have?
The GE Multilin 760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T has six Form-C output relays, five of which are always non-fail-safe and the sixth service relay is always fail-safe. The sixth service relay, acting as a fail-safe relay, will be powered on normally, but will also be powered off when ready for operation.

760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T How many voltage transformer inputs are there, and how many are used for neutral voltage?
The GE Multilin generator management relay 760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T has four voltage transformer inputs. Three of the four voltage transformer inputs are for the generator terminal voltage and one is for the neutral voltage.
Does the CT input of 760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T have any internal ground connections?

760-P5-S5-HI-A5-G-T does not have any internal ground connection at the CT input. If the device is withdrawn, the automatic mechanism will short-phase the CT circuit.

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