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ENTERASYS A4H254-8F8T P0973JP Ethernet edge switch

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ENTERASYS A4H254-8F8T P0973JP is a network switch with the following key features:

Multi-port design: The switch provides multiple ports to easily connect multiple computers, servers and other network devices to meet various network expansion and connection needs.
High-speed data transmission: high-speed switching technology is used to achieve fast and efficient data transmission and processing, and improve the efficiency and response speed of network communication.
Multiple network protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and other network protocols are supported, facilitating network configuration and management.
Secure and reliable: With a variety of security features, such as access control lists (ACLs), firewalls, etc., to protect the network from attacks and malware.
Easy management: Supports multiple management modes, such as command line interfaces, Web interfaces, and SNMP protocols, facilitating configuration and management.
High cost performance: with high performance and functions, but the price is relatively close to the people, suitable for enterprises and organizations to achieve efficient network communication within the budget range.
In addition, the A4H254-8F8T P0973JP Ethernet switch also uses low-power, high-reliability rf radio frequency communication modules, as well as high-precision wireless communication temperature meters with large capacity and high-performance lithium batteries.


A4H254-8F8T P0973JP xtreme Networks A4 is a highly reliable fast Ethernet edge switch that delivers scalable line-speed performance to support the bandwidth-intensive and latencies demanded by today’s demanding applications.

The A4H254-8F8T P0973JP A4 also provides multi-layer packet classification and priority queuing for differentiated services. In addition to the 17.6 Gbps switch capacity, the A4 offers up to 48 10/100 Ethernet ports, as well as four Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports.

A4H254-8F8T P0973JP Utilizes the stacking capabilities of the A4, up to 8 A4S can be interconnected in a single stack, and the A4H254-8F8T P0973JP to create a virtual switch that provides 140.8 Gbps capacity and up to 384 10/100 Ethernet ports as well as 16 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports.

A4 Fast Ethernet switches are store and forward stackable switches that can be adapted and scaled to meet your network needs. These stackable switches provide a management platform and uplink to the network backbone for stacking groups of up to eight A4 switches. You can also use redundant power supplies in conjunction with these switches to help prevent downtime in switches or internal power failures in AC power supplies due to the following reasons.

You can mount stackable switches on a flat surface or in a standard 19-inch rack and configure stackable switches to use WebView applications, CLI switching commands, and/or SNMP.

A4 Stacked switches can be connected via RJ45 to Ethernet or workstation connectors, SFP ports, or Gigabit Ethernet ports, depending on your model configuration. This SFP port supports optional hot-swappable transceivers. The built-in RJ45 stack port on the 1000Base-TA4 switch can be configured as a standard 10/100/1000Base-T port to switch when the device is in independent mode (non-stack mode).


1. ABB  (DSQC, AC800M,OCS 07KT97/07AI/07DI,PM645,etc)

2. BENTLY (3500,3300 system sereis)

3. HONEYWELL (DC 2000, TDC3000, TPS, security systems)

4. SCHNEIDER (Quantum 140 series: CPU processor, communication module)

5. FOXBORO (FBM203/204/217,FCP240/270)

6. EMERSON (DeltaV systems, / O unit, Analog AI module, Analog AO module)

7. Motorola (VME 162, MVME 167, MVME1772, MVME177)

8. YOKOGAWA (CS3000 system CPU controller module, analog module)

9. EPRO (MMS6210/621,PR6423/003-031..)

10. Rosemount  ( pressure transmitter, flow meter..)


Benefits for you:

1. World-renowned brands:


2. Even discontinued ones, AB 1785/1771 and so on;

3. High Quality;

4. Sweet Price;

5. Large In Stock


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