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EMERSON 1C31224G02 Overspeed Protection Monitor

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World class optical performance

Wavelength range: 600~1700nm

High wavelength accuracy: ±0.01nm

High wavelength resolution: 0.02nm

Large dynamic range: 78dB(typical value)

Wide power range: +20~-90dBm

Fast measurement: 0.2 seconds (100nm span)

Suitable for single mode and multi-mode fiber

Standard edition and high performance edition

The 1C31147G02 has two models, the standard version and the high performance version. The high performance version can provide higher wavelength accuracy and greater dynamic range.

High wavelength resolution: 0.02nm

High wavelength accuracy: ±0.01nm

High performance version: ±0.01nm(C-band)

Standard version: ±0.02nm(C+L band)


Ovation DCS is Emerson’s large automation control system, its communication rate of 100MB per second, processing capacity of 200000 points per second real-time information, networking length of 200km, the number of nodes up to 1,000. The operator station uses DELL commercial machines, and the switch uses CISCO products. The DCS is favored by industrial controllers for its support for live plugging, simple and easy to use, strong functions, convenient configuration, easy wiring and many other features. CCPP adopts redundant Ovation DCS VWestinghouse 3.3.1, C/S structure, registration code authorization, and Ethernet TCP/IP communication protocol. Install Windows2003Server English on the server and WindowsXP English on the client.

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Q:What is the earliest time when you can make delivery?

A:We will make delivery once received your payment.


Q:If the product can’t work, can it be returned?

A:We provide one year warranty.


Q:How easy is it to obtain items?

A:New are no longer continuously manufactured, and therefore supply is scarce.

However, at Changxin we specialize in sourcing hard-to-find products, and although

the lead time varies, the average is between 5-7 business days.


Q:What is the typical price for the items?
A:Changxin Automation always gives customers excellent service and prices that

are highly competitive.Requirements for delivery and availability do affect pricing.

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