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BAILEY IMDSI22 Digital Slave Input Module

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IMFCS01 ControlIT Harmony Rack Communications BAILEY
Manufacturers :BAILEY
Model(s)  :IMDSI22
Additional Information :ControlIT Harmony Rack Communications
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Dimensions: 263 × 58 × 28mm
Weight:.4.3 kg
Country of Origin: United States of America

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Products Description
The Digital Slave Input module (IMDSI02) is an interface used to bring sixteen separate process field signals into the Infi 90 Process Management System. These digital inputs are used by master modules to monitor and control a process.
This instruction explains the slave module features, specifications and operation. It details the procedures you must follow to set up and install an IMDSI02 module, and explains status indicators that help in system test and diagnosis.
The system engineer or technician using the IMDSI02 should read and understand this instruction before installing and operating the slave module. In addition, a complete understanding of the Infi 90 system is beneficial to the user.

The Digital Slave Input module (IMDSI02) brings sixteen separate digital signals into the Infi 90 system for processing and monitoring. It interfaces process field inputs with the Infi 90 Process Management System. A contact closure, switch or solenoid is an example of a device that supplies a digital signal. Master modules provide the control functions; slave modules provide the I/O.
This manual explains the purpose, operation and maintenance of the Digital Slave Input (DSI) module. It addresses handling precautions and installation procedures. Figure 1-1 illustrates the Infi 90 communication levels and the position of the DSI module within these levels.

The DSI consists of a single printed circuit board that occupies one slot in a Module Mounting Unit (MMU). It monitors two separate groups of eight digital inputs. Twelve inputs are isolated from each other; the remaining two pairs share common positive input lines. Two captive screws on the module faceplate secure it to the MMU. Sixteen front panel LED status indicators (group A and group B) display the input status.
The slave module has three card edge connectors for external signals and power (P1, P2 and P3). P1 connects to common (ground) and +5 VDC power (refer to Table 5-1). P2 connects the module to the slave expander bus to communicate with a master module (refer to Table 5-2). The digital signals are input through connector P3 using a cable connected to a Termination Unit (TU) or Termination Module (TM) (refer to Table 5-3).
The terminal blocks (physical connection points) for field wiring are on the TU/TM.

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