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ALSTOM AL132 AL132A STO0982E01 module in stock

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Technical specification
● The manufacturer has ceased production
● Module test block
●1-28 terminals
As part of the Midos family, these test blocks facilitate the monitoring and sub-injection testing of any power system protection scheme when used with the MMLB Type 01 multi-finger test plug.
The AL132 AL132A STO0982E01 test block comes with 14 circuits, each leading to a separate pair of terminals at the rear of the housing.
Each circuit includes a pair of internal contacts, which are usually elastomeric connected at a starting point to complete the circuit connection through the block when the relevant protection device is in normal working condition.
Inserting the AL132 AL132A STO0982E01 type 01 test plug disconnects the contacts of the connecting terminal pair, allowing testing.
Main advantages:
● Test blocks can be installed near Midos modular relays and systems
● The test module eliminates the need for interference protection system wiring during testing
Monitoring, isolation, and secondary sample testing are simplified and performed quickly
AL132 AL132A STO0982E01 Model:
MMLG 01 Standard test block
● AL132 AL132A STO0982E01 test block designed for busbar protection scheme
●AL132 AL132A STO0982E01 Horizontal MMLG 02
●AL132 AL132A STO0982E01 vertical type, without DC isolation

*  F A Q  

           Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?                Q: What is the type of payment? Paypal?

           A: We are trading company.                                                      A: 100% T/T Payment in Advance.

           Q: What is the HS Product Code?                                      Q: Which country or area can be shipped?

           A:Depends on product.                                                             A: Worldwide.

           Q: How do you ship goods?                                               Q: What are the dimensions and weight?

           A: By air.(DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX)                                       A: Depend on product.

*  More about our company  

          Changxin inventory is the core of our business.

           Our large inventory of industrial products is ready for shipment, which is the core of our offering. It contains more 

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           Insight into the market, technology development and customer needs enable us to purchase strategically, so we rarely 

           need to shift our business. If the item happens to be out of stock, we will search for our preferred supplier network.

*  More brands we can supply  

       PLC : AB, ABB, GE, Schneider

         DCS : ABB,Siemens Moore, Foxboro, Westinghouse, YOKOGAWA

         ESD : Triconex, HIMA, BENTLY, ICS

         Excitation cards : ABB, GE Marke

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ABB HIEE300690R0001 ARC093AE01 AB 1756-CNB
AB 1794-IE4XOE2 SIEMENS 6ES7288-3AE04-0AA0
AB 1756-L62 AB 1394-AM75
ABB IMHSS03 AB 1394-AM07
GE IC695NIU001 AB 1394-AM03
GE IC695CRU320 AB 1394-AM50
BENTLY NEVADA 330854-040-24-05 GE IC200ALG264F
BENTLY NEVADA 330850-50-00 VIPA 315-2AG12 CPU 315SB/DPM
BENTLY NEVADA 330854-040-24-CN BENTLY NEVADA 330103-00-10-10-02-00
Panasonic MHMJ082P1U BENTLY NEVADA 330103-00-10-10-02-05
YASKAWA DDSCR-U84S-16 BENTLY NEVADA 330130-040-00-05 
BENTLY NEVADA 149992-01 ABB 3BHB004661R0101 KUC711AE101
AB 1763-L16BWA ABB 5SDF0860H0003   3BHL000397P0001
AB 2711P-RDT10C ABB D2D160-BE02-11
ABB S200-IB16 S200IB16 ABB UAC326AE HIEE401481R1 HIEE410409P104
ABB S200-OB16 ABB HIEE205010R0003 UNS3020A-Z V3

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