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ABB DI802 digital input module 120VAC 1 * 8 channels

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ABB DI802 Analog Output Module is a device produced by ABB. It is an important device in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system. It is used to convert the digital signal into the corresponding analog voltage or current output. This module plays a key role in the field of industrial automation and is widely used in the field of industrial control.

Specifically, the features and functions of the ABB DI801 analog output module may include:

Conversion function: The module can convert digital signals in the PLC system to analog voltage or current signals for better control of external devices or processes.
Periodic self-diagnosis: The module can be periodically self-diagnosed to ensure its normal operation and stability.
Output range: The output range that an analog voltage output module can provide may range from -10 to +10 volts, depending on the model and configuration of the module.
Accuracy: Modules usually have high accuracy to ensure stability and accuracy of the output signal.

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