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GE VMIAC-5595-208 Original 8-port multi-mode reflected memory switch

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Product parameter
Data transfer rate: 2Gb/s
Maximum continuous data transmission rate: 170Mbyte/s
Data transfer delay: Maximum 750 nanoseconds for two nodes to read and write
Transmission distance: multi-film up to 300 meters, single film up to 10 kilometers
Power supply: +5VDC
Operating temperature: -40-85℃
The VMIAC-5595-208 has a wide range of applications, especially for complex systems that require high performance, real-time synchronization, and high-speed transmission of massive amounts of data. Here are a few typical application areas:
Industrial Automation:
In the modern industrial automation system, real-time and accuracy are very important. As a high-performance real-time HUB, the VMIAC-5595-208 ensures real-time and accurate transmission of data between various equipment on the production line, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.
In robot control, automated assembly lines, material handling and other applications, the VMIAC-5595-208 supports the rapid transmission and synchronization of large amounts of data, ensuring that robots and automation equipment can efficiently and accurately complete a variety of tasks.


Product Description
Vmiac-5595- Product Description
I. Product overview
The VMIAC-5595-208 is a high-performance real-time HUB (hub) specifically designed for applications requiring large bandwidth and high data transfer rates. It simultaneously achieves fast external event response with low latency and accurate synchronization of distributed multiple nodes, ensuring application success and data transmission and sharing at a deterministic high rate.
Two, the main characteristics
High-speed data transfer: As a 2Gb/s reflective memory hub component, the VMIAC-5595-208 provides high-speed connections between switches, speeding up data transfer and improving system performance.
Reliability and stability: Designed to operate with the General Electric Fanuc /VMIC 5565 Series Reflective Memory real-time networking products, this hub assembly demonstrates strong stability and reliability.
Easy to use: The product is a reliable and easy-to-use module backed by GE’s global support network.
Intelligent management: When the reflective memory hub detects signal loss or loss of effective synchronization mode, it can automatically bypass the port, allowing other nodes in the network to remain operational, ensuring the stability and reliability of the network.
Scalability: Since fiber optic ports are implemented via small pluggable (SFP) transceivers, ports can be installed on demand. For larger networks, multiple VMIAC-5595 components can be cascaded, allowing hub arrays of up to 256 nodes to be managed.
Signal regeneration: Each port can regenerate serial optical signals, helping to reduce jitter and improve the stability of data transmission.

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