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GE Multilin SR745-W2-P5-G5-HI-A transformer management relay

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Frequently Asked Questions about 745-W2-P1-G1-HI-TH
What makes the Multilin 745-W2-P1-G1-HI-TH unique compared to other transformer protection relays in the 745 series?
The 745-W2-P1-G1-Hi-TH Multilin transformer protection series includes unique options for other part numbers. It is worth noting that the -H option indicates that this relay has a harsh chemical environment conformal coating in order to operate in harsh environments. The T option in the 745-W2-P1-G1-HI-TH Multilin two-winding transformer management relay is unique to other relays in the 745 system in terms of its display and Ethernet. Transformer protection systems that are not equipped with the T option have either a basic display (B) or an enhanced display (E) with a larger LCD. However, the T option comes with an enhanced display, larger LCD, and 10Base-T Ethernet.


745-W2-P5-G5-HI-AR transformer protection system

The 745-W2-P5-G5-HI-AR is part of the General Electric 745 transformer protection System family. This family is designed to provide high-speed transformer management relays that are built with multiprocessors and can provide two or three winding transformer management. This series of units can be used for the management and protection of power transformers of various sizes.

The 745-W2-P5-G5-HI-AR and other units in the family offer overexcitation protection elements with overcurrent and percentage differential capabilities, and are capable of monitoring individual harmonics as well as THD (total harmonic distortion).

745-W2-P5-G5-HI-AR is a basic unit with two windings per phase. The unit provides 5A for each winding and 5A for each ½ and <s:1> winding. The 745-W2-P5-G5-HI-AR is rated for 90 to 300 VDC, 70 to 265 VAC @ 48-62 Hz control power, and has analog inputs and outputs.

The unit is designed in a standard SR series arrangement (pull-out relay and supporting housing). It can be installed alone or used next to other SR series units mounted on a standard rack panel. The wiring diagram is provided in the original documentation, although this covers the standard wiring layout and may not cover all situations, including yours.

The front panel of the 745-W2-P5-G5-HI-AR includes a 40-character LCD display, multiple status indicators, control keys and a keyboard, as well as an RS232 interface programming port. This port will allow you to connect your computer to complete the setup using the EnerVista setup software.

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