With the new discovery of the Internet of Things technology, industrial robots, as a special class of industrial equipment, can perform manual tasks efficiently, accurately and repeatably, and thus play an increasing role in the manufacturing industry. They are often used in a variety of different wide temperature environments, such as outdoor applications, cold chain logistics, etc. Therefore, the stability and reliability of SSD and DRAM performance are particularly important.

However, in practical applications, extreme and harsh working environments will seriously affect the data preservation of industrial robots, resulting in data leakage. As the industrial wide temperature storage brand of Jinsheng Electronics, YANSEN Yuanchun has always actively approached the market, dug deep into customer pain points, and helped customers achieve transformation and upgrading with professional and reliable product technology. Its wide temperature SSDS have been rigorously validated and tested for wide temperature reliability, providing a reliable, high-quality solution to meet the needs of demanding industry applications

Extended wide temperature verification, flexible to meet the needs of industry

The particularity of the industrial environment requires the hardware to have strong adaptability, such as humidity, vibration, dust, high temperature and so on. Storage wide temperature level SSD after 24 hours of high and low temperature pressure test, while rigorous functional and performance testing, support -40℃-85℃ wide temperature working environment, but also to ensure that each SSD storage particles, PCB board, components can withstand long-term wide temperature, seismic, shock resistance, etc., product function is stable. All have passed FCC, CE, RoHS, KC, REACH and other international authoritative certifications, and can still maintain stable performance in harsh industrial environments.

Enable a variety of industrial robot applications

Yuanjiu can provide “diversified industrial grade” wide temperature storage according to the needs of customers’ practical applications in the field of industrial robots, fully covering the needs of the whole industrial application scenario.

For example, high-speed robots can replace front-line high-risk workers in all kinds of flammable and explosive, toxic and harmful, high-temperature and high-pressure environments. At the same time, however, it may face the problem of reduced accuracy, especially in heavy industry applications such as mining or smelters. Meta storage Industrial storage solutions support operation in extreme environments and solve thermal problems through temperature support of 85 ° C, ensuring efficient and stable system operation in harsh environments. For example, robots in cold chain logistics factories must continuously work in a low temperature environment. The Yuan storage industrial storage solution can make the robot work stably under the continuous operation of long-term low temperature environment, not afraid of cold and low temperature, and meet the 7*24 hours of uninterrupted service, to ensure the service quality of cold chain logistics robots, adapt to the harsh conditions of extremely low temperature, and ensure that data is not lost.

It is worth mentioning that industrial robots must be able to recover from various power events, such as power outages. Even in the event of a power failure, the robot control system is able to preserve critical parameters and data status. In order to achieve this reliability, the Metacurd Industrial storage solution provides stable data storage while also equipped with power failure protection to ensure uninterrupted operation and data integrity in the field of industrial robots. The hardware power failure protection technology ensures that the data of the industrial robot system remains consistent and intact in the event of a sudden power failure, reduces the risk of data damage or loss, prevents interruptions and system crashes caused by power outages, maintains system stability and reduces downtime.

It can be predicted that in the next few years, industrial robot development will face a series of problems. As these systems become more complex, reliability becomes more important. Yuanchun will continue to be market demand-oriented, from the overall product design, stability, reliability and other dimensions of technology research and development, to provide customers and the market with diversified, customized storage products and solutions, in the field of industrial robot applications in the limited space to play an irreplaceable storage role, helping the industrial robot market towards high-quality development.